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10 May 2006 @ 02:24 am
so i am absolutely damn sure of one thing im going to be burning in valdez.

to tell this story, i'll need to rewind about ten to fifteen minutes ago.

i was completely aggitated. i had a great book in front of me which i was intrigued about and excited to finally read it. i shall now go on a tangent...

all in all, i started to love this book especially from the series. this series was all about this girl that had lots of guys after her. i thought it was ridiculous on how many guys loved her. and it pissed me off. nothing like that really happens to a person like that. and this book is when everything goes to shit for her. everything she thought about was just i lie and she completely broke down. i didn't exactly enjoy her turmoil but more to see some reality to it even though its about vampires and what not.

this is the part where it actually relates to what my first point was about, which was my aggitation.

and im starting to read about the part where things get better but then this voice? i guess i could call it that, but more so background music, starts to play in my head.

'I need to find a....new vagina...'

and yeah, it might seem funny that i was thinking about one of the bloodhound gang songs stuck in my head but it kept on repeating...over and over again...
then sometimes, it would change songs. i wouldnt even know the lyrics but it would still play in my head.

i ignored it for the most part until it became unbearable.

i came downstairs, in hopes of playing music to get something else stuck in my head.

i turn on the computer, and find the mouse not working well.

that got me even more upset. at one point, i couldnt even get the mouse on the screen to move.

at that point, i was beyong pissed. i was nearly on the brink of tears because of my menstrual cycle. fortunately for me, i was completely aware of my hormonal change and calmed myself before i did anything irrational, which was burn the fucking mouse in the middle of the room.

now, i have a new mouse that i found in my bedroom that i had for a while...this goes into another long story but to make it short, i knew the old mouse was shit when i used it for my other computer (not my lap top) so i bought a new one. dont ask me why my parents didnt just take the new mouse instead of the old one and put it on this internet accessable computer because my parents have no sense of logic.

i have regained my composure and decided to burn that god forsaken mouse at valdez instead where i will enjoy watching it burn into oblivion.

sometimes i wonder how men even survive with women having their menstrual cycle every effing month....seriously....
Jessepotions_mistres on May 11th, 2006 02:58 am (UTC)
...your going to burn a mouse.


well i have one thing to say to this entry.

...because my parents have no sense of logic.

now i know where you get it from;)

Jessepotions_mistres on May 11th, 2006 03:00 am (UTC)
actually, for a few moments when reading the beginning of this entry, i thought you were going to burn the book your reading. and i was all ready to call you a hitler wannabe and stuff. then i realized that the book story had absolutely no meaning to the entry, and was rather disappointed that i couldn't call you a hitler wannabe.