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27 April 2006 @ 12:50 am
im just updating so i can show off my new picture.

needless to say, it amuses me.
26 April 2006 @ 12:57 am
after popular demand, i have continued with the hundred thing.

when i say popular demand, i mean i got bored and made another list. so....

01. i love/support geeks.
02. my first favorite band is Queen
03. my favorite band junior year of high school was the Darkness
04. my favorite band is the Beatles
05. bloc party makes me happy
06. i realize arctic monkeys makes me concentrate and somehow enjoy their sound
07. my cat has my personality
08. i love british bands (2-6) and somehow they keep adding me on myspace
09. i enjoy listening to the rain while i write this
10. my taste in music varies drastically
11. i concluded that vanilla vodka isnt as good as it sounds
12. my favorite alcoholic drink is Bailey's
13. Wal-mart used to be my second home
14. i don't even know what my favorite drink is
15. im addicted to gum
16. i like the starbucks frappaccinos that are in the bottle
17. my favorite color is a specific green but i always say blue because there are a lot more ugly green colors than blue ones.
18. i dont think its possible to have an ugly blue color
19. my friends think im pessimistic but thas because i keep my standards low so i wont get disappointed
20. the laste time i was disappointed in myself was the end of seventh grade and i thought for only a split second that suicide was the only way out
21. i feel ashamed for admitting that
22. im upset that the end of the harry potter books is near
23. i put a collar on one of my cats and found it amusing how she didnt want to move because of the bell noise
24. i feel like sleeping all the time so i can live in my fantasy world
25. reality is overrated
26. reading is a distraction for me to not solve my problems
27. charise makes me feel like a poser
28. sometimes, i am a poser
29. i think tatoos should mean something to the person that gets it not something to show off for friends
30. i dont like the feeling of not getting along with people
31. sometimes i question the existance of god
32. i hope there are other beings in this galaxy
33. i sometimes dont think theres a heaven or hell and once we die, thats it
34. yet i believe in reincarnation and im sometimes scared of the dark because i think the devils going to get me
35. i want to paint my walls with black handprints
36. im going to enjoy the massive amount of hours/money i'll be getting in the summer
37. yet i hate the smell of RW's
38. sometimes i have no motivation to get up in the morning
39. i stayed in my bed until 4 in the afternoon because of that reason
40. i dont think i have a soulmate and im going to end up alone
41. im afraid of being alone for the rest of my life
42. i dont like saying hi to people i see at the mall, etc. becuas ei dont think they care/remember me.
43. i hate how my room is so plain now but wont do anything with it
44. i rememebr when i started putting up posters in my room. it was sophmore year, spring break and that day i hung out with kim and...bethany
45. i dont understand why im so hyper/chirpy most of the time
46. i think its stupid that people write down how they like long walks on the beach
47. i personally hate long walks. and beaches.
48. actually, i like beaches, especially when theres a bon-fire
49. ive thought about writing and i even started a story but i feel like giving up
50. a part of my closet is painted black
51. theres also vanilla vodka in my closet
52. i enjoyed making a mask of my plastered face.
53. i think gas prices are outrageously high right now
54. i like saying ridiculous rih-dick-oo-lus
55. i like horseback riding
56. ive started to like tea and it annoys me
57. i had a dream about sam t last night and it sucked because shes such a bitch to betray me and call me a fucking loser. that bitch
58. its stupid that nicole made people feel jealous and replaced when shes just a skanky little bitch that can only get some with an online friend
59. i like dressing up for halloween
60. i think i'll enjoy the dorm life a lot
61. the most annoying thing is getting this HUGE zit on the crease of my nostril
62. accents in general are hot. except the american accents
63. another exception to 62 is the french accent. and the dutch! (quoting austin powers)
64. mike myers as austin powers entertains me so much.
65. my favorite parts of the austin powers movies is the beginning when he dances to the best music ever
66. i like spacing out because im usually not consciously thinking
67. i dont really like flowers
68. the only chocolate that i cant get enough of are the green wrapped chocolate in greece with a hazelnut in the middle (or at least i think its hazelnut)
69. i find it funny that 69 is a sex position
70. i hate greek-americans because they think they are better then everyone because of what their ancestors did yet they cant handle the greek lifestyle. there are only a few exceptions to that rule which include me. lol.
71. i think the "Beatles cut"is the cutest thing ever
72. the hottest thing is the shag and fohawk (not the completely shaved sides)
73. i need to find this alluring power of those "punk" boys and destroy it so they no longer have a hold of me
74. bob can be such a poser sometimes
75. my favorite girl scout cookies is tagalongs
76. i alway sbut my underwear in the hamper because its just gross walking on dirty underwear
77. i dont like feet
78. i want wait until my sister gets pregnant
79. i like to say "knocked up"
80. i think my forehead is big
81. in elementary school, my neighbor and i used to have races to the front school when we got out of the car
82. id always lose those races
83. one time, my dad locked john borland's (my neighbor) car door so he couldnt get out so i'd win at least one race. i'd like to think i didnt try to win because i still lost
84. i remember the day my dad got the first cell phone when i was in elementary school and it was so huge but at the time, it was the coolest thing ever (it had to be from 93-98)
85. around that time, we got a '95 computer also
86. i loved to play Lode Runner
87. i remember going to the borland's house all the time and playing the classic computer games and the house smelt of cats and a jaccuzi (because they had one downstairs)
88. i enjoy remenising
89. i know the borlands were very religious yet i never asked them what they were. the reason being, i alway sthought everyone in america was catholic at that time
90. i wish i was more mysterious
91. ive always wondered if John Lennon hadnt gotten shot in 1980, would the Beatles have reunited and toured one last time
92. i want to meet Paul McCartney
93. Ringo Starr just creeps me out and i have no idea why
94. i want a shirt that says 'Jesus is my home boy' just for kicks and grins
95. i just realized i dont have a favorite skittles color
96. soemtimes i want the fame and money of celebrities so i can have the power to change the world
97. i feel lame wanting to 'change the world'
98. i was surprised to find out that the bulletin that said 'this is how i eat pussies' was about...well, pussies.
99. i like laughing at how weird i am
100. sometimes i wonder what would happen if i wasnt so weird.

so anywho. thats all i have to say.
25 April 2006 @ 02:39 pm
so i just had a little arguement

with my printer.

it was being gayly active

and would print ever so slowly.

so i start yelling at my printer and threatening it to print faster. and it did.

lol. i just had to share that.

oh and today i slept in until a quarter to two and it makes me feel extremely bad. i wanted to do something this morning. im actually not sure what i wanted to do but i knew i wanted to do it!

anywho. i think im going because this box is growing thata way ---->
and its freakin me out.

adios muchachos
21 April 2006 @ 01:18 am
so i havent been updating meaningful things lately and i wonder why.

maybe its the fact that my life isnt that interesting and that kind of makes me upset.

but thats alright. you know why? because summer is almost here.

i have to make a random note. im totally in love with the autosave for livejournal. it actually SAVES what ever im writing and even switches from mozilla to explorer. kudos to those people that made that.

anywho. summers almost here and that means many many hours or work. meaning lots of money for estefania. will i save it for desperate money for college? heck no. im spending that shit for gas money and spoiling the hell out of myself when i can. which means mucho books and i'll actually have the time to read.

i went to waldenbooks with jesse before photography and that just makes me want to buy sooooo many more books. gah! but it makes me sad because now i dont even have enough time to write in my journal. which also leads to a tangent about a journal i saw at waldens that had a great asian cover. lol, it sounds weird but i liked feeling the design on the cover. anywho. writing. yeah. well, i want to write more. especially my story that im writing right now but i know i need to plan things out. but then again, i dont think that my writings any good. oh well.

but im super uber excited about books recently because my favorite authors are releasing their books SOON! thats right, my two favorite authors are releasing their books only a week a part from eachother. that excites me so much.

oh and when i get enough money, im going to go read books about harry potter. i just love the things some people think of.

some of you may be wondering why i would want to read things that might actually spoil the seventh book. its not that. i wouldnt want to spoil the seventh book if my life depended on it but i just like widening my range of thought. its just like, omg, i never thought of that. and when its all over and i know what happens, i'll be like, heh, that was a good idea but it wasnt true. and just looking at at all the things i loved about harry potter.

what makes me sad is the downfall of know it. the downfall of mugglenet.com. lol. i know, its stupid but i've been going there since 2002 and you all should know i dont effing like change.

anyways. thats something that was on my mind.

ah yes, and camping. aka valdez. need to plan. only WEEKS AWAY!!!

does that get you excited?

it damn well should. i nearly wet myself just saying it.





i think we should do it at least a week after school gets out. why? because estefania needs to save up.

well heres the dealio since we havent discussed this for awhile, im gonna beginning.

estefania (thats me) will be in charge of:
-transportation (i.e. car/gas money)
-camping equipment (chairs/tent/wood?)

-housing (i.e. cost of hotel)
-camping equipment? (if you dont wanna use my tent)

-delicious beverage (i.e. soda...*;)*)
-edible items (food, you dumb ass)
-cooler equipment (ice and whatnot)

at this moment, i can not think of anything else except bring your own god damn blankets! gosh, you guys are so needy right now. anywho. thats all i want to share. oh yeah. and about the:

well, if you guys have any wood, well, save it so we can actually use it for fire. oh yes, i just remembered about the little things like baby wipes to clean your face when it gets sticky and what not. yeah, i know it sounds weird but what ever.

and this last part:

You Are Sunrise

You enjoy living a slow, fulfilling life. You enjoy living every moment, no matter how ordinary.

You are a person of reflection and meditation. You start and end every day by looking inward.

Caring and giving, you enjoy making people happy. You're often cooking for friends or buying them gifts.

All in all, you know how to love life for what it is - not for how it should be.

yeah, i know you guys dont think this really decribes me but it actually does. at least in my subconscience. i usually space out and dont really conscientiously reflect and meditate but its there still. and yeah, i know it sounds crazy but its true. i cant really describe it better than that.

so now its two. guh. i wanted to watch narnia before i went to bed. eh oh well.

i just like to add one more thing.

late night adventures + my kitties = best thing ever

good night. <333
19 April 2006 @ 01:00 pm
my reseach paper.

things i've done:

-cover page....but missing header part...

-thesis statement of introduction. only part of intro paragraph.

-a huge ass paragraph. only one.

-beginning of next paragraph.

all in all i've got one page out of seven. yessss

six more hours to go....
19 April 2006 @ 06:36 am
the current time is 6:33 am.

thats right, i put an all nighter, folks.

lol. im completely proud.

why? because not once did i yawn. i went to the bathroom about an hour ago, was about to yawn but it just turned into a large sigh.

but the box is growing again so i've decided to update on internet explorer.

i think it working.

anywho. my seven page paper.

hows it looking?

alright. seeing how i havent done any of it.

at around 4:30 am, i stopped writing notes from my articles. seing how its going to be seven in twenty minutes, what have i done since that time?

simple. read stories on quizilla.

yes, for two hours straight.

and i want to make one thing clear right now. i like saying a.m. at the end of saying what time it is too. got an effing problem with that?


i realized why i haven't felt one bit tired while i was awake this whole.

that is quite a simple answer as well.

well. last night, jesse and i went to taco bell to do our usual some-what bondish thing. andrew came to pick up his back pack and it was nice seeing him. it kind of weirds me out how nice hes been. im trying to comprehend it. i think im being mean when i say that. i dont mean to. its just hard for me to trust people but once you have my trust, its a done deal. maybe its because i see my sister now with no real close friends because all of her other friends are just fake.

wow. got on a tangent there. anywho. taco bell. stephanie decided to get a GI-effing-NORMOUS cup of...baja blast. i drank it all. oh, and thats not even the best part. i drank another cup full of mountain dew. so i pretty much had 4 cans of caffeine in my body. the effects are starting to disintigrate so i drank some frappuccino. fantabulous.

so at around 5:45, my dad comes in the den and asks, why are you up so early?

and im pretty sure i sounded like a crazy moe-foe because i responded oh so chirpy, 'why wouldnt i?'

about half an hour later, my mom comes in and is like, 'omg! stephanie, did you just get home?'

and i, still in a chirpy mood from the frappuccino, replied, 'no mom! i got back at around 11!'

im smiling and being extremely happy for some odd reason. im still smiling like an idiot. and then shes like, 'oh gosh, my kids doing drugs' and walked upstairs.

so i think having caffeine on your side late at night really helped with my mood.

i think once i re-read this in the evening, i'll be like, wtf was i on this morning! im so effing tired! why was i so happy!!!!!!!!

i believe this is going to be the end of my journal because i feel like reading the end of this story.

wait, on another note, it made my day when jesse actually effing liked my story. she may have lied to me about it but it doesnt really matter. it made me feel good inside and encourage me. lol, even though my story is like my whole personality split up into three different people.

i think im going to go now. good morning, all!!!!
19 April 2006 @ 12:49 am
i drove home today from taco bell at 11 and realized that when im driving at night, i dont speed. it feels like im going a good speed at around 53. in daylight, its like, omg, whoops, 67...eh, oh well. lol. yeah.

but im mildly depressed that its starting to get lighter. i like the complete darkness at 7. but then again, im extremely excited to get more effing light all the time. i guess i just dont like the waiting period between the two. anywho.

i have to write my at least 7 page essay on psychopaths.

and you know whats effing annoying me. is how this box that im typing in is getting bigger and bigger every time jesse starts talking to me on msn. and its pissing me off.

stop growing, you little mo effing box. stop! gah!

it wont stop. it just keeps growing. gah.

its still effing growing.

its creeping me out

not only that, but i still have to write about mo effing psychopaths...


of all the things i could have written about, i write about crazy people!

no. not just crazy people. but crazy people with no conscience.

no sense of remorse.


and then the box keeps growing and growing.

i think im starting to turn into the thing im writing about...


CrAzY face.

but the effing box is still growing.

i think i want to cry...

not really. but this growing box keeps on scaring me. it just grows automatically. periodically. every i think it just grows every time i type. and when i type more....it keeps growing.


im going crazy.

stephanies log star gate 48972-dash-3
15 April 2006 @ 03:07 am
so i just watched chronicles of narnia.

oh man, i love hotties. actually, its singular. i love the hottie.

lol. yesssss.

anywho. im an effing hypocrite. im like, oh i hate it when people are just like, oh, the movies coming out, i wanna read the book now. you had so many chances to read the book before you even heard about the movie but did you want to buy it then, heck no!

and now i just watched the movie and i want to read it.

maybe im not a complete hypocrite because ever since fifth grade, i've always wanted to re-read it again. all i remember from the book is the ice queen.
i had such a vivid image in my head even after eight years.

is it weird how i could remember something so clear that happened so long ago, especially since it was just in my mind?

i dunno. thats the only thing that stuck in my mind. the ice queen. dressed in all white...her skin so pale.

i know, im being extremely...weird? yeah. but im just daydreaming. or zoning out into my thoughts in the past.

well, anyways. i've recently become extremely artsy. what have i been doing? sketching, writing, painting (unfortunately i got black paint, oh so smart: never again) and coloring. lol. yes, coloring my sketches.

i wish i could actually draw things in my head but i just cant. i always have to have a picture to help me out. its so stupid. i have such great images but i cant show them to anyone. i bet they be something that people have already seen.

well anywho. i think im done talking.

im starting to think that this stupid journal is useless. why shoudl i even bother writing in this.

and yes, i am cranky. i think im just having cramps. gah, that sucks.
09 April 2006 @ 02:25 pm
i had a really weird dream last night. i dreamt that i was back in greece, in alexandroupoli. my luggage was out but i didnt pick them up because i was in a hurry to leave. i came back and saw them still there and when i got close enough, i opened up my lap top holder to find out that someone stole it. i completely freaked out and kept on thinking how stupid i was to leave them just lying around and should have thought that someone would have stolen it.

so what does this dream mean? i have no idea. i hate not know what my dreams mean. maybe its the fact that i trust people and im afraid that once they have my trust, they might betray me and once they betray me, i should have know that they would do that.

thats all i can think of at this time. and i think i know exactly why i had that dream. i guess writing this down helps me. hm. i feel completely and utterly betrayed and i should have known about it and i somehow knew.

well, wtf? i think im done confusing the hell out of absolutely everyone. i feel like a real bitch not ending it with an explanation but i really dont want to tell anyone. eh, just one of my moods, right?
06 April 2006 @ 06:19 pm
so i got a new icon which entertains me. just because it has nemo on it. nemo. my anti-drug

anyways, i just took my math test, which i think i did badly on. but i was super uber excited that i got the bonus part. it made me extremely happy that i knew something extra. i just stared at my test and the logarithms that i had to solve. i have no idea, but somehow, i figured out how to do some. i dont know if i did it correctly, but it made sense in my head. i believe i failed that test. and i need a re-test. and another re-test for the other test i took.

so ive had random thoughts. about gravity. you cant see gravity, but you see the effects of gravity. kind of like god. you cant see god but you can see the effects of god. then i just think of the effects of god. god created balance. and knows all of his own consequence. that would completely and utterly suck. knowing everything.

i think im gonna go.